Trip Report by Joey


 Joey visited our office in August 2008 and sent us the below:


Hello everyone!

I just recently returned from a 20 day vacation in Ukraine. I spent 10 days in another Ukrainian city and 10 days in the city of Kirovograd using Kiev Connections Match Maker service. I had planned to see a lady which I had met through a different agency. I had talked to this lady by phone, email and webcam for 5 months prior to meeting her. I really thought she was the “one” but I was spending a lot of money to go to Ukraine and I was wiry of scams. I figured it would be a good idea to meet other girls to increase my chances of finding the perfect girl for me so I joined Kiev Connections Match Maker service. I am a country boy at heart so I opted to use their agency in Kirovograd instead of their agency in a big city like Kiev. I am happy that I enlisted the help of the agency because the girl I had planned to meet in a different city wasn’t what I thought she was. Most of my time with this girl was fun but I found myself paying for expensive dinners and activities with her and her family. I had also bought her several gifts because her brother told me it was “traditional”. It wasn’t until my last day that I saw this girl for who she really was. She brought me “shopping”, selected a bunch of items and then expected me to pay for the items. I was shocked, but I did pay for the items. I left the city feeling down because the girl that I came to Ukraine to see looked a lot like a scammer. After a 1 hour flight I arrived at KBP.

                I had arranged with Brett earlier in the week for a driver to pick me up at the airport. I had a chance to see what the buses were like in Ukraine earlier in my trip and I had no plans to ride in one all the way to Kirovograd. I arrived at the airport at 10 a.m. I had to call Brett the day before because my departure time was different than the one I had told him. I was very surprised to see Brett and his wife holding a sign with my name on it when I arrived at the airport. They were going to drive me to Kirovograd! Talk about service! Anyway, after I had a chance to find an ATM, I headed to Kirovograd. I talked to Brett the entire way to Kirovograd and I must say he is a great guy. He told me about his business, Ukrainian customs and culture and the city of Kirovograd. He also gave me some tips for when I went on my dates. After 10 days in Ukraine it was nice to have a chance to speak with someone who understood my language and customs.  I was grateful that Brett’s car had A/C, which hadn’t experienced up to that point in Ukraine. Anyway, after 3.5 hours of driving we arrived in Kirovograd. We picked up Natasha at the office and she came with us to show me my apartment. My apartment was huge! It had more features and was cheaper than anything I could find in North America. Victoria had arranged a date for me at 6, so after Brett and Natasha left I had to prepare.

                Instead of writing pages of details about my dates, I will write a shorter version. In the 10 days (less if you include travel), I met 5 ladies. I can honestly say I enjoyed meeting 4 out of 5 of these ladies. The other lady was just way too shy for me.  I went to several restaurants, a club, the park, bowling and even a circus during my dates in Kirovograd. Sometimes I used a translator and sometimes I didn’t need to. All of the ladies spoke English of various levels. I was shocked how well my dates went. These ladies were all well-mannered, classy, intelligent and beautiful. Most of all they were interested in me! Two of the ladies I had gone on dates with had done some part-time modelling. I can honestly say that I have never had so much fun on past dates as I had on some of my dates with these girls. I am not known for my smile but all of the girls told me that they liked how I was always smiling. I was having a great time. Even though I enjoyed spending time with 4 of these ladies, the purpose of my trip was to find a lady that was “right” for me. I really liked 2 of these ladies and am currently still communicating with both. I hope to go back to Kirovograd to visit 1 or both of them in a few months.

                While the city of Kirovograd doesn’t have the attractions of a bigger city like Kiev, I enjoyed it more than the majority of other cities that I have been in Ukraine and North America. They don’t see many tourists, and I definitely look like a tourist. It is not often I feel like the center of attention, but I often did during my time in Kirovograd. Several times people recognized me as a tourist and tried to communicate with me. While on dates with a couple of the ladies, their friends would call to ask how the date was going. One of the ladies that I am communicating with, I met by chance and not using the MatchMaker service. She saw me at the agency when she went to join and asked Natasha about me. A few days later I met her when she was getting pictures taken for her profile. With Natasha’s help we arranged a date. I never met a person who was rude to me during my time in Kirovograd.

                The service at the agency was great! I am sure that I wasn’t the easiest customer but Natasha and Victoria were always there when I needed them. Whether, I was lost, needed a taxi, wanted to go shopping or wanted to reschedule a date they were there. They were a lot of fun and sometimes I would go to the agency just to talk. They both did a fine job translating for me even with my slang. On several occasions they would have to juggle the time and place for dates like my last day in Kirovograd when I had 4 dates. They made my stay so easy.

When I went to Ukraine my goal was to meet a lady that I hadn’t been able to find in my own country. I wanted to find a lady that was everything that I wished for and that I could maybe one day start a family with. With the help of Kiev Connections, my trip was a success. There are lots of scams out there but this isn’t one of them. I would recommend Kiev Connections to anyone looking for a lady. Thanks Brett!

All the Best!




Trip Report By Jay


After returning from Kirovograd Jay  wrote me an e-mail on May 22, 2007 detailing his recent trip.


Hi Brett,

I thought I'd take a few minutes and write you a note giving you my thoughts and feedback about my recent trip to Kirovograd.

First and foremost:  WOW!  What a great trip, what a fantastic agency you have down there!  Everything about my experience there was positive and I could not be happier with the agency,  Natasha and Laina, the translation services, the transportation from KBP airport to Kirovograd, everything was great.

Peter, the German guy, was right on time to meet me as I came out of customs at KBP on my arrival.  We got right to it, and hit the road immediately bound for Kirovograd.  I liked Peter very much, and the journey was safe and enjoyable one, Peter chatting amicably about Germany, Ukraine, his girlfriend and life in Ukraine, his BMW car, and all kinds of stuff.  Peter dropped me off at my apartment in Kirovograd and I paid him per our agreement, no problems or snags.

The apartment at N1 Karl Marx was outstanding.  The landlord met me promptly and got me set up with occupancy and a key.  It was clean and well appointed, and almost fully up to western standards.  The best apartment situation I've had in Ukraine, all for less than the cost than a motel room in the States.  The apartment was a convenient and comfortable walk from the agency at Hotel Kiev, no taxi required.

Laina and Natasha both did interpretation for me and both did an excellent job.  Laina, especially, was phenomenal in her ability to translate almost on the fly in real time.  She understood my American idioms, slang and jargon almost perfectly stopping only rarely to check with me for clarification.  She knew words like "chivalrous" and understood the nuance of the english phrase "Chivalry is not dead in America" for example.  I'd wager you that 70% of Americans would not know this level of english.

Natasha did a perfect job in managing the agency and in lining things up and keeping the process moving forward and on track.

I thought the cost for transportation, lodging and interpretation was totally reasonable and was completely as advertised with no unwelcome surprises.  Dealing with the regular stuff: buying food and mobile phone airtime, hailing a taxi and getting around town to shop and sightsee, finding an internet cafe, everything was easy.  There are bankomats and even some establishments which accept major credit cards, though I agree its best to bring adequate cash just in case.  Currency exchange is no problem - many places to do it on Karl Marx street.

All the contacts that were supposed to happen happened just as advertised.  I had 6 appointments  and 5 out of the 6 ladies were really nice (one was rather young and painfully shy, not her fault), and 2 were absolutely jaw dropping.  Beautiful, intelligent, cultured and polite, good conversationalists, happy to see me and talk.  Almost none of the ladies I met with had even ever met an American before, let alone date one, so your assertion to that fact is totally accurate.  Both of the "jawdropping" ladies I referred to above had apparently been in your catalog for quite  a while - one for one year and one for two years.  In that time, they had not yet had a meeting with an American man.

I am going to be corresponding with two on them, one quite seriously. We'll see where things lead us.

In the spirit of fully disclosure, though, I should mention one disadvantage:  very few of the ladies (at least in the 30+ category where I was looking) speak english.  All of the 5 that I strongly considered spoke only Russian/Ukrainian.  A couple could speak a few words and simple sentences in english.  All, however, seemed willing and anxious to learn english, especially if lessons were provided.

Having experienced the above firsthand, I can absolutely recommend that men who might ordinarily only use your agency in Kiev, consider making a little extra effort and go to the provincial city of Kirovograd.  There they will meet a whole different class of lady, more small-town in orientation. 

A very nice experience.  You've got a good thing going in Kirovograd!  Thanks!



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